Confessions By Stranger #50: Goodness Taken Advantage

I moved my family over to Australia for a better life. It was hard at first but now reaping the rewards. Always been in my nature to help people, whether it be old people needing a hand with shopping,or holding the door for someone. Im a big black islander with beard and tatts to match so get rejected sometimes but doesn't stop me.

I told my brother about my deeds and he was shocked. So one day in Facebook a family put a mesage up they were having a hard time needing groceries etc etc. So me and the bro went and did a mass shopping to take over. The family told me she had two girls my kids age, so we bought happy meals as well as kfc for the adults. My brother felt good inside that he did something good for someone else.

My confession is that the family turned out to be a fucking scam. The peoples family contacted me saying I shouldn't of done that. There were no girls at the house just the grandparents. They were trying to sell off all the groceries on other fb pages for drugs. Broke me a little but thats the risk, i haven't told my brother as hed be shattered. Just pissed me off and had to get it out.