Confessions By Strangers #51: Fucking any random object

I fuck myself with random items, items that belong to other people then I wash them and put them back but I love seeing them get used again and secretly knowing I've fucked them.

I've fucked most my friends GHD'S, I love watching them use them from then on.
Purfume bottles, kitchen utensils, tools, hairbrush handles, the list goes on and on... the thing is... I had an affair once with my friends husband and I loved being around them together and having that secret... when he ended the affair I needed that feeling back and now I get that excitement with all my friends except with "things".... it's actually way more exciting because it's such a unique excitement.

I know you'll all think I'm fucked but I am so adicted to this it's not funny..
other women go to sleep at night dreaming about some guy... I dream about making a new friend so I can get my hands on her TV remote...

it's the satisfaction of watching them being used afterwards, I just can't describe it!!!
Don't be too judgy in the comments people I'm only human xx