Confessions By Strangers #53: insecure of self-intelligence

I have been with my partner for a year. He is 27, I am 23. My confession is compared to him I feel really stupid. He watches a lot of the history channel, reads a lot of books and always seems to be looking at other ways to learn. I am studying personal training and working part time and sometimes when I ask him what he is reading, he will explain it and it will just go over my head. His many interests include politics, astronomy, science and history, history being a subject he had studied at University as he wants to be a historian. He gets along with my dad really well because my dad is ex-army and my boyfriend really knows his world war stuff, they can sit and talk for ages and I'll just be sitting there thinking what are they talking about.

Before we got together my boyfriend had traveled to Europe and had seen a lot of world war 2 history in Germany and Poland and when we got together he would tell my friends and family about his trips and none of it would make sense.

I am worried he will break up with me for somebody smarter. I've always felt dumb compared to him