Confessions By Strangers #55: Punch to the balls

I basically have some male dominating attitude. I was doing my mechanical engineering few years back in a particular college. I'm a 6ft and 75kg well built muscular guy.

During our college there was a girl from computer science. She must be 5.1 feet and just 40 to 45kgs. She looks ignorant. So I taught of teaching her a lesson. I bullied her with my friends. But too my surprise that girl is also not how I think. she ganged up , bullied and teased me back. As I'm a male dominated person this provokes me even more. So I was finding a way to take revenge.

So I got her no from a friend and used to call her and scold in bad words every now and then. She is quite for sometime but one day she told if you are really a boy come to a particular place. I went there alone to show my guts. She came there with her friends. Totally 10 to 15 girls.

Then there was some heated arguments and at one point I lost my control and slapped her But too my surprise she stands up and was coming towards me holding her cheeks. I just laughed, showed my middle finger and told them that you girls are weak. But soon my laugh was ended as she punched directly on my balls. Not sure still whether she aimed intentionally or fluke. For her height it was easy target. I fell to my knees cluthing my nuts in agony, crying like a child making noise like a puppy. Now her friend showed the middle finger back to me. It was humiliating for a big guy like me to go down that way. I lay on ground cupping my balls with girls giggling around me. I never ever see her or anyone of those girls face to face again. Thank god all this happened in a private place so no one else knows this. The girls didn't told anyone too.Also there were only two months left in our college life.

Lesson I learned that day
I have been in to a lot of fight with boys before. I have beaten many as well as got beaten sometimes. But a tiny short girl finished me with a single punch to my nutsack. I couldn't walk as my nuts was aching for two days. Never should I have underestimated girls. All they need is a single hit to our balls however tall or muscular you may be. Doesn't matter.

And short girls may be cute and adorable but those are tiny little ninjas of death who are at perfect height to punch you in the balls. Never mess with them boys.