Confessions By Strangers #8: Can't Leave My Abusive Relationship

I have been with my partner for four years, I met him very young and he is a bit older then me. He is very abusive towards me and controlling, he has broken my nose, and my ribs before. He cheated on me 2 years after we got together and it broke me. But for some reason I can't leave him. I have always wanted too, but he is also very sweet in ways, when he hurts me he lays with me and makes sure I'm okay, when he cheated he spent so long trying to make it better. Once I was trying to get into the car with him whilst he was mad once and he drove off with me half out the door, I fell and slid along the ground and fractured my cheek bone, and grazed my whole body on one side.

My confession is that he doesn't know, but I was pregnant at that time, I had a miscarriage and never told him because I didn't want him to feel bad, even though he should. I know it's a toxic relationship and I shouldn't be here but I'm lost and have been for so long. I'm scared to leave him I think cause he threatens to hurt my family, maybe he will realise and not hurt them. I want help, but I can't tell anyone, I do love him but I'm heartbroken everyday. Someone please tell me I'm normal in some way....


I'm gonna be in a lot of hell if don't come up with anything soon

I'm gonna be in a lot of hell if don't come up with anything soon

any of you guys have a suggestion about what to do for my wedding anniversary? would flowers and dinner be good enough?


Confessions By Strangers #2: Bisexual Married Man Cheating

So I work with a gentleman who is very openly gay. Well the other day he says to me this guy just hit me up on Facebook.

I looked and I know this person. he has a girlfriend/wife and a few kids. We don't talk and we're not friends but I used to work with him.

So me being the person I am. I sent him a message telling him that he probably should stop trying to hook up with random gay guys on Facebook before it gets back to his wife. I was nice about it and didn't tell his woman and figured I would give him the chance to redeem himself. But it didn't stop me from telling my best friend who still talks to him.